December 31, 2016

Two Thousand And Sixteen

Can you believe it’s the last day of 2016?
I can honestly still remember what we did on the first of January this year and now it’s the 31st of December already!

This year has been really good to us personally and professionally, but just like with everyone else we’ve also had to deal with disappointments and frustrations.

This year, what I personally tried my hardest to do was to be grateful for everything and everyone in my life.
I know it is a cliché, but sometimes it’s hard to see what you have when you’re constantly comparing.
I think I’m getting better at it, I really do believe that a grateful heart is a happy heart.

May we all strive to become a better us in 2017!
And here are some photos from our 2016.

Love always,
Candy x newzealand-photographer-2016-01 newzealand-photographer-2016-02 newzealand-photographer-2016-03 newzealand-photographer-2016-04 newzealand-photographer-2016-05 newzealand-photographer-2016-06 newzealand-photographer-2016-07 newzealand-photographer-2016-08 newzealand-photographer-2016-09 newzealand-photographer-2016-10 newzealand-photographer-2016-11 newzealand-photographer-2016-12 newzealand-photographer-2016-13 newzealand-photographer-2016-14 newzealand-photographer-2016-15 newzealand-photographer-2016-16 newzealand-photographer-2016-17 newzealand-photographer-2016-18 newzealand-photographer-2016-19 newzealand-photographer-2016-20 newzealand-photographer-2016-21 newzealand-photographer-2016-22 newzealand-photographer-2016-23 newzealand-photographer-2016-24 newzealand-photographer-2016-25